Tips for Better Embroidery:

Before you forward your design for an estimate:

  • Try to keep your design as simple as possible.
  • Minimise the amount of lettering – remember that on a garment the time a person has to read what is there is usually very limited.
  • Keep lettering to a minimum of 5mm, as small lettering starts to disintegrate on knitted material and becomes somewhat illegible.
  • Graduated colour is difficult to achieve in embroidery as is ‘transparent’ colours. Ink and thread are 2 entirely different mediums. The physical dimensions of thread are quite different to that of ink.

If you’re ready to order, please use our contact form or email us your design as an attachment. You can also read about our process below.

Step 1: Estimate

The first step is for us to provide you with an estimate.

Simply forward your design in PDF, JPEG, EPS, or PNG format to info_orders@northlakesembroidery.com.au. Please include your phone number/s in case we want clarification on some points. You can reliably expect to hear from us within 24 hours.

We are happy to embroider whatever items you have or select garments and other products for embroidery from our suppliers’ links for your convenience on our site. The cost for embroidery is primarily based on the number of stitches and quantity of garments required.

Large orders attract discounts.

Below are the things we take into account to calculate the final cost:

  • Quantity
  • Garment cost
  • Embroidery (number of stitches)
  • Digitising (complexity and number of stitches)

In order to do this, we need:

  • Your artwork.
  • Approximate size of the design.
  • The medium that the design is to go on.
  • The quantity of pieces to be embroidered. If you are requiring to also source your items from us, please use our preferred suppliers’ links on our site.
  • They are on-line catalogue links and you will need to advise us on which link you used, the item code, sizing and colour of items you have selected for your embroidery / logo / design to be applied to.
  • We will then contact you by email usually within the next 24 hrs with a costing for the embroidery work to be done and any items selected to be ordered in (including delivery charges and approximate delivery time before they arrive).
  • If you are happy with your estimate we then move to Step 2.

Step 2: Payment and Converting Supplied Artwork to Final Digitised Version Ready For Embroidery

  • Full Payment is required, as per your estimate, prior to ordering in any selected items from our suppliers and before final digitising is completed ready for the embroidery to be carried out.
  • Next, you provide us with the final artwork / logo / design you would like embroidered, being sure that the correct colours are indicated (either on the design itself, or by PMS colours).
  • We will then send you an electronic proof of your design that will include an approval statement. This MUST be signed off before we can proceed with the embroidery to ensure no unforeseen surprises occur. (Giving you and us peace of mind to proceed)
  • A sample embroidery may also be requested, however, this may incur an additional charge.
  • After we receive your signed off approval on the final digitising, we can begin the production process once we have the items to be embroidered on hand ready to go.
  • You are most welcome to supply your own items if you prefer, however, payment for the digitising and embroidery will still be required.

Step 3: Production

  • From the approval of the design, and when we have the items ready to be embroidered, production will generally take 5-10 working days depending on the quantity involved and the time of year. Every piece is checked at least twice to ensure that your goods are embroidered to the highest possible standards.
  • Lasers are used for garment alignment to ensure your logo is placed exactly where it should be.

Step 4: Delivery

  • Finally, we deliver the finished product to you.
  • Your goods may by collected at our premises, or delivered to you COD* by a courier company … (*you pay the courier direct when they deliver the goods to you).
  • Just remember, we are only a courier away, with delivery to most parts of the country available within 24 hours.

Start an Order

For an estimate, please call us on (07) 38862351 or use our contact form to send us an email.